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Implementing an EHR-based Screening and Referral System to Address Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care

Buitron de la Vega, Pablo; Losi, Stephanie; Sprague Martinez, Linda; More

Medical Care. 57:S133-S139, June 2019.

Health Disparities in Veterans: A Map of the Evidence

Kondo, Karli; Low, Allison; Everson, Teresa; More

Medical Care. 55:S9-S15, September 2017.

Strategy Configurations Directly Linked to Higher Hepatitis C Virus Treatment Starts: An Applied Use of Configurational Comparative Methods

Yakovchenko, Vera; Miech, Edward J.; Chinman, Matthew J.; More

Medical Care. 58(5):e31-e38, May 2020.

Psychometric Evaluation and Calibration of Health-Related Quality of Life Item Banks: Plans for the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS)

Reeve, Bryce B.; Hays, Ron D.; Bjorner, Jakob B.; More

Medical Care. 45(5):S22-S31, May 2007.

Role of Health Information Technology in Addressing Health Disparities: Patient, Clinician, and System Perspectives

Zhang, Xinzhi; Hailu, Benyam; Tabor, Derrick C.; More

Medical Care. 57:S115-S120, June 2019.

US Pharmacists' Effect as Team Members on Patient Care: Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses

Chisholm-Burns, Marie A.; Kim Lee, Jeannie; Spivey, Christina A.; More

Medical Care. 48(10):923-933, October 2010.

Nurses’ Shift Length and Overtime Working in 12 European Countries: The Association With Perceived Quality of Care and Patient Safety

Griffiths, Peter; Dall’Ora, Chiara; Simon, Michael; More

Medical Care. 52(11):975-981, November 2014.

The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS): Progress of an NIH Roadmap Cooperative Group During its First Two Years

Cella, David; Yount, Susan; Rothrock, Nan; More

Medical Care. 45(5):S3-S11, May 2007.

Risk Perception and Impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) on Work and Personal Lives of Healthcare Workers in Singapore: What Can We Learn?

Koh, David; Lim, Meng Kin; Chia, Sin Eng; More

Medical Care. 43(7):676-682, July 2005.

The Collaborative Chronic Care Model for Mental Health Conditions: From Evidence Synthesis to Policy Impact to Scale-up and Spread

Bauer, Mark S.; Weaver, Kendra; Kim, Bo; More

Medical Care. 57:S221-S227, October 2019.

Novel Health Information Technology to Aid Provider Recognition and Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Primary Care

Sorkin, Dara H.; Rizzo, Shemra; Biegler, Kelly; More

Medical Care. 57:S190-S196, June 2019.

Using Stakeholder Engagement to Overcome Barriers to Implementing Patient-reported Outcomes (PROs) in Cancer Care Delivery: Approaches From 3 Prospective Studies

Stover, Angela M.; Tompkins Stricker, Carrie; Hammelef, Karen; More

Medical Care. 57:S92-S99, May 2019.

Building Meaningful Patient Engagement in Research: Case Study From ADVANCE Clinical Data Research Network

Warren, Nathaniel T.; Gaudino, James A. Jr; Likumahuwa-Ackman, Sonja; More

Medical Care. 56:S58-S63, October 2018.

Feasibility and Outcomes of an Electronic Health Record Intervention to Improve Hypertension Management in Immigrant-serving Primary Care Practices

Lopez, Priscilla M.; Divney, Anna; Goldfeld, Keith; More

Medical Care. 57:S164-S171, June 2019.

Episode-of-Care Characteristics and Costs for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery in Hospitals Belonging to the High Value Healthcare Collaborative Compared With Similar Hospitals in the Same Health Care Markets

Weeks, William B.; Schoellkopf, William J.; Ballard, David J.; More

Medical Care. 55(6):583-589, June 2017.