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Health Disparities in Veterans: A Map of the Evidence

Kondo, Karli; Low, Allison; Everson, Teresa; More

Medical Care. 55:S9-S15, September 2017.

Applied Rapid Qualitative Analysis to Develop a Contextually Appropriate Intervention and Increase the Likelihood of Uptake

Lewinski, Allison A.; Crowley, Matthew J.; Miller, Christopher; More

Medical Care. 59:S242-S251, June 2021.

Health Workforce for Health Equity

Pittman, Patricia; Chen, Candice; Erikson, Clese; More

Medical Care. 59:S405-S408, October 2021.

Implementing an EHR-based Screening and Referral System to Address Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care

Buitron de la Vega, Pablo; Losi, Stephanie; Sprague Martinez, Linda; More

Medical Care. 57:S133-S139, June 2019.

Nurses’ Shift Length and Overtime Working in 12 European Countries: The Association With Perceived Quality of Care and Patient Safety

Griffiths, Peter; Dall’Ora, Chiara; Simon, Michael; More

Medical Care. 52(11):975-981, November 2014.

The Collaborative Chronic Care Model for Mental Health Conditions: From Evidence Synthesis to Policy Impact to Scale-up and Spread

Bauer, Mark S.; Weaver, Kendra; Kim, Bo; More

Medical Care. 57:S221-S227, October 2019.

Psychometric Evaluation and Calibration of Health-Related Quality of Life Item Banks: Plans for the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS)

Reeve, Bryce B.; Hays, Ron D.; Bjorner, Jakob B.; More

Medical Care. 45(5):S22-S31, May 2007.

Cost-effectiveness of a Digital Health Intervention for Acute Myocardial Infarction Recovery

Bhardwaj, Vinayak; Spaulding, Erin M.; Marvel, Francoise A.; More

Medical Care. 59(11):1023-1030, November 2021.

A Conceptual Model of the Role of Complexity in the Care of Patients With Multiple Chronic Conditions

Grembowski, David; Schaefer, Judith; Johnson, Karin E.; More

Medical Care. 52:S7-S14, March 2014.

The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS): Progress of an NIH Roadmap Cooperative Group During its First Two Years

Cella, David; Yount, Susan; Rothrock, Nan; More

Medical Care. 45(5):S3-S11, May 2007.

Methodologic Approaches for Using Electronic Medical Records to Identify Experiences of Violence in Transgender and Cisgender People: Closing the Gap Between Diagnostic Coding and Lived Experiences

Alpert, Ash Blythe; Sayegh, Sabrina Jamileh; Strawderman, Myla; More

Medical Care. 61(6):384-391, June 2023.

The Economic Burden of Disease in France From the National Health Insurance Perspective: The Healthcare Expenditures and Conditions Mapping Used to Prepare the French Social Security Funding Act and the Public Health Act

Rachas, Antoine; Gastaldi-Ménager, Christelle; Denis, Pierre; More

Medical Care. 60(9):655-664, September 2022.

Effect of Medically Tailored Meals on Clinical Outcomes in Recently Hospitalized High-Risk Adults

Go, Alan S.; Tan, Thida C.; Horiuchi, Kate M.; More

Medical Care. 60(10):750-758, October 2022.

Feasibility and Outcomes of an Electronic Health Record Intervention to Improve Hypertension Management in Immigrant-serving Primary Care Practices

Lopez, Priscilla M.; Divney, Anna; Goldfeld, Keith; More

Medical Care. 57:S164-S171, June 2019.

Implementation of Complex Interventions: Lessons Learned From the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Transitional Care Portfolio

Gesell, Sabina B.; Prvu Bettger, Janet; Lawrence, Raymona H.; More

Medical Care. 59:S344-S354, August 2021.

Using the Kitagawa Decomposition to Measure Overall—and Individual Facility Contributions to—Within-facility and Between-facility Differences: Analyzing Racial and Ethnic Wait Time Disparities in the Veterans Health Administration

Shwartz, Michael; Rosen, Amy K.; Beilstein-Wedel, Erin; More

Medical Care. 61(6):392-399, June 2023.

US Pharmacists' Effect as Team Members on Patient Care: Systematic Review and Meta-Analyses

Chisholm-Burns, Marie A.; Kim Lee, Jeannie; Spivey, Christina A.; More

Medical Care. 48(10):923-933, October 2010.