Medical Care is seeking high-quality research on risk adjustment in health care. Submitted articles will be reviewed and considered for publication in a special article collection titled “Statistical Methods for Risk Adjustment in Health Care". This special issue will provide an overview of the current state of research in this area of scientific inquiry.


The Journal will consider original research (including empirical, theoretical and simulation studies), review articles, short reports, and perspectives. Potential topics include:

  • Estimation and modelling techniques for risk adjustment
  • Risk adjustment for different applications in health care
  • Choice of suitable direct or indirect standardization metrics
  • Classification, interpretation and reporting of risk-adjusted performance metrics
  • Handling of data limitations in risk adjustment (e.g., missing values, unobserved variables, under-/overdocumentation, measurement error)
  • Causal methods for risk adjustment
  • Machine learning methods for risk adjustment
  • Risk adjustment for patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs, PREMs)
  • Software implementations of risk adjustment methodology

Deadline for manuscript submission: February 28th, 2023

Please read over our Instructions for Authors before submitting your manuscript. Submitted manuscripts that are not formatted in accordance with our instructions and guidelines are more likely to be rejected without peer-review.

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