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Author's Institution Press Release Guidelines

Promoting Your Published Research Article to the Media

Identifying News Value:

If you, your institution or funder are considering the option to promote your published research to the media, it is important to first identify the news value. Why should a reporter be interested in writing about your research to their audience?

To be newsworthy your paper should cover the following factors. There are always exceptions and while your paper may not cover all of these points, it is more likely to have news value if it does:

  • Is this new research?
  • Does it have appeal beyond the immediate subject?
  • Is it global, or are findings limited to one country?
  • Does it link to a topical issue or an on-going debate?

You will also want to consider how you want to promote the research to the media: a press release; media/blog pitch; etc. See the Guidelines here for more information.