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Medicare Advantage Chart Reviews Are Associated With Billions in Additional Payments for Some Plans: Erratum

doi: 10.1097/MLR.0000000000001589
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In the February 2021 issue of Medical Care, the incorrect agency was referred to when discussing a report. Instances in the text that mention the “Government Accountability Office” and (GAO) are meant to be “Office of Inspector General” and (OIG). All instances are explained below.1

On page 96, the 2nd paragraph in the second column should read as follows:

In December 2019, the federal Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services released a report detailing the ability for MA plans to submit “chart reviews” to CMS with their patient encounter data which may add or delete diagnoses present on a patient’s records.5 The OIG found that 99.3% of these chart reviews added new diagnoses, raising concerns about the impact of these reviews on plan reimbursement.5 However, it is still not well understood if there is plan level variation in the use of chart reviews, and the plan characteristics that are associated with their use. In this brief, we expand on the OIG’s analysis and demonstrate detailed geographic and contract-level differences in the use of these reviews nationally.

On page 99, the first full paragraph in the first column, the first sentence should read as follows:

Our findings align with that of the recent OIG report,5 and build on them in several key ways.

Reference 5 should read as follows:

5. OIG. Billions in estimated Medicare Advantage payments from chart reviews raise concerns. 2019. Available at: Accessed August 16, 2019.


1. Meyers DJ, Trivedi AN. Medicare Advantage chart reviews are associated with billions in additional payments for some plans. Med Care. 2021;59:96–100.
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