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doi: 10.1097/MLR.0b013e3181461bd6
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Dorn T, Yzermans CJ, Kerssens JJ, et al. Disaster and subsequent healthcare utilization: a longitudinal study among victims, their family members, and control subjects. Med Care. 2006;44:581–589.

In the above-referenced article, the authors calculated interaction terms of group and year to determine whether the increase in 1 group compared with the reference group was significantly larger in a given year. Results were presented as incidence rate ratios (IRR), with 95% confidence intervals.

At some points, the authors misinterpreted these interaction terms as risk ratios, stating on page 586 that “the risk for contacting the FP for victims with burns is 2.43 times the risk for victims without burns.” The authors would prefer to have stated that “the number of contacts in the year 2001 increased with a factor 2.43 in victims with burns when compared with victims without burns.”

The authors regret the error but note that it did not affect their findings or conclusion.

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