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The Indian Chest Society (ICS) is a not for profit registered society with the Society of Registrars (Registration No. 192-1980, dated 18th July 1980), for Respiratory/Pulmonary Physicians and other Physicians with interest in the specialty of Respiratory Medicine. A committee of eminent Chest Physicians, who were also the founding members took up the task to prepare the constitution of the society. The first General Body Meeting was held on 11th September 1981 at Hotel President, Mumbai, and the Constitution was adopted.

The primary goal of the Society is to foster Educational & Research activities aimed at reducing the suffering and deaths of patients with Respiratory diseases. ICS aims to set up a platform to foster growth and progress through democratic methods, facilitating freedom of expression, and focusing on the nurture and support of trainees and young specialists in the speciality.  The society endeavors to elevate the status of the speciality to a position of preeminence and is keen to play an advocacy role relating to Respiratory diseases, with the Government and non-Governmental organisations.



The Objectives of the Society shall be carried out in the following ways:

  • Promoting the dissemination of Knowledge and Research in the field of Respiratory Medicine
  • Organizing academic conferences, meetings and workshops at International, National, Zonal
    and sub-zonal levels, to bring together the medical fraternity & members of their health care team for the pursuit of knowledge and facilitation of good practices in Respiratory medicine
  • Organizing Patient awareness and educational programmes at various levels to
    spread knowledge and understanding of the importance of Respiratory diseases
  • Facilitating the creation of trained Medical manpower, required for handling the need of the patients requiring Respiratory & Critical services
  • Supporting the creation and nurture of appropriate technical manpower required to perform and assist in various Diagnostic and Therapeutic activities related to the field of Respiratory & Critical care medicine
  • Running courses for the members and other practitioners in the field of Respiratory medicine.
  • Collaborating with other National and International Societies for the achievement of common goals and facilitate exchange knowledge
  • Promoting basic and advanced research in the Respiratory medicine and to create disease registry of various Respiratory diseases in the country.
  • Playing an advocacy role with the Government and other Non-Governmental Organizations for the betterment of the speciality.
  • Doing such acts as may be deemed necessary to fulfill the objectives of the Society and its development.

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