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I am so gratified by the sharp increase in the number of manuscripts examining medical device related pressure injuries (MRDPI) published in JWOCN over the past several years, and the current issue is no exception.  Stellar and colleagues report findings form a prospective multisite, observational study of pediatric patients. In addition, this issue's COVID Section contains two reports on skin and mucosal damage (including MDRPI) in critically ill patients with COVID-19. Singh's group describes 4 cases of critically ill patients with COVID-19 and a variety of skin and mucosal injuries despite an aggressive pressure injury prevention program and a history of low hospital acquired pressure injuries.  Martel and Orgill specifically report on 30 cases of MDRPI that occurred during the peak of the pandemic in their community.  All three groups link MDRPI to respiratory equipment. Further, Singh's group and Martel and Orgill hypothesize that vascular sequalae of COVID and its peculiar treatment demands may exert an as yet unknown influence on the risk for skin damage.  Clearly more research is needed and JWOCN is poised and ready to publish the latest research and clinical experiences related to your ongoing mission to drive hospital related skin damage to the lowest possible occurrence rate.

            While an increased understanding of the risk factors for MDRPI and the influence of a variety of comorbid conditions (such as COVID-19) is essential, we are simultaneously challenged to take immediate actions to prevent as many MDRPI as possible, with the ultimate goal of eradicating all such injuries. Fortunately, JWOCN authors are publishing important new knowledge in this area as well. Read the timely and clinically relevant study from Yang, Gao and Cai in this issue and the study from Boyar in the March/April 2020 issue of JWOCN for insights into prevention of MDRPI related to use of respiratory equipment. 


Editor in Chief

Foot Problems in Patients in Acute Care: A Point-Prevalence Survey

Abu-Qamar, Ma'en Zaid; Whitehead, Lisa; Towell-Barnard, Amanda; More

Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing. 47(5):513-520, September/October 2020.