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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Time to Value the Silence
I read an interesting article in my local newspaper the other day.  The author was writing about her experience leading a group reading and discussing a series of books on contemplative living.  She asked her audience to think of a time in which they were aware of God's presence in their lives.  It is interesting to note that hospitalization and illness was listed as a common time when God's presence was felt.
The intent of this blog is not to preach about religion.  Whether you practice religious beliefs, and whether you believe in a higher power is not the point. We are all on a journey through life.  For some, that is a spiritual journey.  For others, it is a humanistic journey.  What is significant for me is the fact that we are the people present at this most intimate time in our patients' lives.  We are there when others uniquely touch that brush with their higher power.
Our society uses cellphones, emails, tweets, texts, FAXes, and lots of digital technologies to communicate with others.  But it is through silence and touch that we are often able to relate to our patients in this spiritual way.  In a world filled with noise, multi-tasking and distractions, we need to respect the silence in order to better connect with others.  By living in a contemplative manner, we deepen our awareness of the impact of our everyday experiences.  We are directed to examine the important issues of living, helping us to not be caught up in sweating the small stuff that so easily consumes us.