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Welcome to Fall of 2021 and the autumn issue of JWOCN (Volume 48, issue 5).  This issue continues to blend cutting edge research and pragmatic knowledge related to our practice, along with updates as the continuing effects of COVID on our practice.  A good example of the type of pragmatic but cutting edged knowledge is the article from Burka and Benge, who describe their experience with immediate release potassium chloride for management of a patient with a high output ileostomy.  These authors are not WOC nurses; they are Doctors of Pharmacology from Lipscomb University and the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Nashville Tennessee. I assert they wisely chose to publish in JWOCN knowing this to be preferred resource for both cutting edge research and pragmatic clinical information for all things related to Wound, Ostomy, Continence and Foot & Nail Care.  Similarly, Burlando, Paravisi, Bodini, Cozzani, and Parodi, Aurora describe use of crushed corticosteroid tablets for topical management of a patient with peristomal pyoderma gangrenosum. Both case studies provide cost effective options for management of particularly complex clinical scenarios and both have immediate implications for your clinical practice. 

Taylor-Thompson, Budde-Lang and Carpenter published an informative cross sectional study of best practices for nail care among Foot & Nail Care providers. This foundational study identifies the most frequent and best practices for safe nail care, and a basis for this growing community of care providers within our growing community.  Finally, Pontieri-Lewis, Emmons, Scardillo, Berke, Alexander, Bryant, Yates, and Kent​ provide timely and imminently useful practice guidance update for a rapidly evolving component of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, differential assessment of  COVID related skin problems.



Patient-Related Factors Associated With Stoma and Peristomal Complications Following Fecal Ostomy Surgery: A Scoping Review

Zelga, Piotr; Kluska, Piotr; Zelga, Marta; More

Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing. 48(5):415-430, September/October 2021.

Common and Best Nail Practices Among Nail Care Providers: A Descriptive Study

Taylor-Thompson, Kathy; Budde-Lang, Jana; Carpenter, Jacque

Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing. 48(5):447-452, September/October 2021.