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October/December 2021 - Volume 45 - Issue 4

  • Cynthia M. Chiarello, PT, PhD
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In this the last issue of 2021, we thank both our manuscript and book reviewers for their dedication and service as well as several studies to enhance clinical practice. In a prospective observational study of postpartum women, Leopold and colleagues found a decrease in interrectus distance and improvements in both low back pain–related disability and stress urinary incontinence following a 12-week online core strengthening program. Studying women with urgency- and frequency-predominant lower urinary tract symptoms (UFLUTS) during a standardized PT examination for hip and pelvic girdle impairments, Erbes and associates found that movement and positional testing produced provoked symptoms of UFLUTS. LaCross and colleagues conducted a systematic review of the literature finding moderate evidence for using rehabilitative ultrasound imaging biofeedback to improve motor performance of the pelvic floor in males and females with stress urinary incontinence. In a qualitative study exploring the lived health care experi­ences of patient-provider interactions for women with chronic pelvic pain, Kays found a need for greater empathy. In an interesting case report, Fricke and associates present a novel intervention, mini-trampoline jumping, for a postmenopausal woman several years after a stroke.​​

Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy is planning a special issue related to female athletes entitled, "The Female Athlete: Elevating Health and Performance." You are invited to submit a paper for possible inclusion in this special issue.​

Manuscript submission deadline: August 15, 2022.

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Current Issue Highlights

Efficacy of a Core Strengthening Program for Diastasis Rectus Abdominis in Postpartum Women: A Prospective Observational Study

Leopold, Madeline; Santiago, Kristen; Cheng, Jennifer; More

Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy. 45(4):147-163, October/December 2021.