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October/December 2022 - Volume 46 - Issue 4

  • Cynthia M. Chiarello, PT, PhD
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This issue contains an array of issues important to pelvic health physical therapists representing a variety of practice. To investigate the mechanical effects of postural behavior, Dr Danna-dos-Santos and colleagues simulated third trimester weight in nonpregnant people finding changes in mediolateral body sway upon removal of the additional weight. In a clinical commentary, Dr Wood and associates discuss the expanding role of pelvic health physical therapists in treating individuals with disorders of gut brain interaction. Ms McMeans heads up a group presenting a case report on physical therapy for postpartum breastfeeding complications, clogged milk ducts, and mastitis. Dr Volpe reports a case describing physical therapy for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and pain following placement, use, and removal of an intrauterine device. In a phenomenological qualitative study of women with chronic pelvic pain, Dr Kays revealed components of patient-provider interactions, which contribute to emotional burden, interfere with trust and communication, and impact of diagnosis and treatment.​

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Current Issue Highlights

Simulation of Pregnancy-Related Abdominal Mass Results in Nonimmediate Changes in Postural Control: An Exploratory Study

Danna-dos-Santos, Alessander; Cardoso, Vinicius Saura; Magalhaes, Alessandra Tanuri; More

Journal of Women's Health Physical Therapy. 46(4):159-166, October/December 2022.