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Original Article

An Observation-First Strategy For Liver Injuries With ‘Blush’ On CT Is Safe And Effective

Samuels, Jason M.; Carmichael, Heather; McIntyre, Robert Jr; More

Original Article

A Multi-center Prospective Cohort Study of Endoscopic Urethral Realignment Versus Suprapubic Cystostomy after Complete Pelvic Fracture Urethral Injury: Comparison of EUR versus SPT after PFUI

McCormick, Benjamin J.; Keihani, Sorena; Hagedorn, Judith; More

Original Article

Impact of Individual Components of Emergency Department Pediatric Readiness on Pediatric Mortality in US Trauma Centers

Remick, Katherine; Smith, McKenna; Newgard, Craig D.; More

Brief Report

Use of Whole Blood Deployment Programs for Mass Casualty Incidents: South Texas Experience in Regional Response and Preparedness

Ciaraglia, Angelo; Brigmon, Erika; Braverman, Maxwell; More

Original Article

The Beirut Ammonium Nitrate Blast: A Multi-center Study to Assess Injury Characteristics and Outcomes

Al-Hajj, Samar; Farran, Sarah H.; Zgheib, Hady; More

Original Article

Surgical stabilization of rib fractures versus nonoperative treatment in patients with multiple rib fractures following cardiopulmonary resuscitation: an international, retrospective matched case-control study (CWIS-CPR)

Prins, Jonne T.H.; Van Lieshout, Esther M.M.; Eriksson, Evert A.; More

Letter to the Editor

Not so FAST—but not so Furious – an improper method underdiagnoses pneumothorax. Answer to the article “Not so FAST—Chest ultrasound underdiagnoses traumatic pneumothorax”

Torri, Elena; Zanforlin, Alessandro; Soldati, Gino; More

Original Article

Diagnosis and Management of Bile Leaks after Severe Liver Injury: A Trauma Association of Canada (TAC) Multicenter Study

Schellenberg, Morgan; Ball, Chad G.; Owattanapanich, Natthida; More

Original Article

Developing a National Trauma Research Action Plan (NTRAP): Results from the Post-Admission Critical Care Research Gap Delphi Survey

Brasel, Karen; Braverman, Maxwell A.; Phuong, Jimmy; More

Original Article

Tandem use of Gastroesophageal Resuscitative Occlusion of the Aorta followed by REBOA in a Lethal Liver Laceration Model

Tiba, Mohamad Hakam; McCracken, Brendan M.; Greer, Nicholas L.; More

Original Article

Post-injury Complement C4 Activation is Associated with Adverse Outcomes and is Potentially Influenced by Plasma Resuscitation

Schaid, Terry R. Jr; Hansen, Kirk C.; Sauaia, Angela; More

Original Article

Pediatric injury trends and relationships with social vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic: a multi-institutional analysis

Flynn-O’Brien, Katherine T.; Collings, Amelia T.; Farazi, Manzur; More

Original Article

Integrating Traffic Safety Data with Area Deprivation Index: A Method to Better Understand the Causes of Pediatric Pedestrian Versus Automobile Collisions

de Cos, Víctor; Rooney, Alexandra S.; Sykes, Alicia; More

Original Article

“We’re Playing on the Same Team”: Communication (Dis)connections Between Trauma Patients and Surgical Residents

Huang, Anna K.; Campbell, Paige-Ashley; Chaudhary, Mihir J.; More

Original Article

A Comparison of Management and Outcomes Following Blunt versus Penetrating Pancreatic Trauma: A Secondary Analysis from the WTA Multicenter Trials Group on Pancreatic Injuries

Biffl, Walter L.; Ball, Chad G.; Moore, Ernest E.; More

Original Article

Assessment of Left Ventricle Myocardial Deformation in a Hemorrhagic Shock Swine Model by Two-Dimensional Speckle Tracking Echocardiography

de Vasconcellos, Henrique Doria; Saad, Karen Ruggeri; Saad, Paulo Fernandes; More