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August 2015 - Volume 79 - Issue 2
pp: 179-334

Redefining acute care surgery: Surgical rescue

Peitzman, Andrew B.; Sperry, Jason L.; Kutcher, Matthew E.; More

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 79(2):327, August 2015.

Creator: Jo Fields
Duration: 7:54
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery August 2015, Volume 79, Issue 2;

Dr. Moore’s highlights for the August 2015 issue include: an AAST presentation by Dr. Konstantinos Chouliaras and colleagues from the LA County/USC Medical Center who analyze the need for evaluation of mediastinal air following blunt trauma. Dr. Ashley Zander et al from the Scripps Mercy Center in San Diego illuminate on the limitations of risk assessment models to determine VTE prophylaxis following injury. Dr. Dave Wisner and colleagues from a multitude of well-known institutions provide a comprehensive overview of the current management of children with solid organ injuries following blunt trauma. Dr. Kenji Inaba and colleagues review their seven years’ experience of 87 patients who had tourniquets applied; 15% of these were prehospital, 39% in the ED, and 10% in the OR.