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Cogbill Thomas H. MD; Moore, Ernest E. MD; Meissner, Mark MD; Fischer, Ronald P. MD; Hoyt, David B. MD; Morris, John A. MD; Shackford, Steven R. MD; Wallace, James R. MD, PhD; Ross, Steven E. MD; Ochsner, M. Gage MD; Sugerman, Harvey J. MD; Lambert, Pamela J. RN; Moore, Frederick A. MD; Jurkovich, Gregory J. MD; Cocanour, Christine S. MD; Potenza, Bruce MD; Chang, Michael C. MD; Trevasani, Gino T. MD; Aprahamian, Charles MD; Frankel, Heidi L. MD
The Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection, and Critical Care: September 1994 - Volume 37 - Issue 3 - ppg 473-479