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Toolkits for Equity

Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Publishing

Toolkits that provide individuals and organizations with a health of information, guidance, and resources on how to become antiracist. 

A Framework for Action in Scientific Publishing: Improving Inclusion and Diversity in the Chemical Sciences

Royal Society of Chemistry

Primarily intended as a tool for use by editorial decision-makers to help increase inclusion and diversity amongst editors, reviewers, and authors.

Equity and the JAMA Network

JAMA Network

Discusses ongoing and new editorial priorities and key approaches of JAMA and the JAMA Network Journals to help promote DEI.

The Lancet Group’s Commitment to Gender Equity and Diversity

The Lancet

Describes the Lancet Group’s diversity pledge and no-all male panel policy.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Why Wiley? Why research Publishing?


This focuses on having a long overdue conversation about systemic bias against people because of their race, gender, religion, disability, or any other aspects of identity.

On Racism: A New Standard For Publishing On Racial Health Inequities

Health Affairs

Details several standards for publishing on racial health inequities, intended for researchers, journals, and peer reviewers.

Dismantling Racism in Scholarly Publishing, Intentionally And Unapologetically

Health Affairs

Discusses plans to be intentional in promoting and advancing equity via three elements—equitable participation, new voices, and introspection—which are outlined below with corresponding actions.

New Author Name Change Policy Supports a More Inclusive Publishing Environment


Author name change policy to support the anonymity of authors who wish to change their name on already-published research. 

Responsibility of Medical Journals in Addressing Racism in Health Care


JAMA Network

Discusses how structural pillars of racism fosters an environment that promotes persisting racial gaps in morbidity and mortality.

-Discusses the need to reassess the role medical journals can play in addressing the health effects of systemic racism.

Conceptualizing, Contextualizing, and Operationalizing Race in Quantitative Health Sciences Research

Annals of Family Medicine

Outlines pitfalls in the conceptualization, contextualization, and operationalization of race in quantitative population health research and provides recommendations on how to appropriately engage in scientific inquiry aimed at understanding racial health inequities

AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors (11 ed.)


Inclusive Language. - AMA Manual of Style

Provides guidance on inclusive language regarding personal pronouns, race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, persons with disabilities, and sexual orientation.

CDC’s Health Equity Guiding Principles for Inclusive Communication

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Equity Guiding Principles for Inclusive Communication | Gateway to Health Communication | CDC

These principles are intended to help public health professionals, particularly health communicators, within and outside of CDC ensure their communication products and strategies adapt to the specific cultural, linguistic, environmental, and historical situation of each population or audience of focus.

American Heart Association Disparities Research Guidelines

American Heart Association Journals

These instructions aim to encourage consistent framing, terminology, and methods aligned with established best practices for scientific work on racial and ethnic disparities in health

Cell Press Diversity and Inclusion Form 

Cell Press

This form helps assess if authors are taking into consideration diversity, equity, and inclusion with their research studies