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United States military fatalities during Operation New Dawn: Erratum

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery: October 2021 - Volume 91 - Issue 4 - p 772-773
doi: 10.1097/TA.0000000000003397
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In the August 2021 issue of The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, in the article by Kotwal et al., “United States military fatalities during Operation New Dawn”, Table 4 was typeset incorrectly. The last column (“Opportunity for Improvement”) was split, and partially shifted four columns to the left. Additionally, Column S needs to be moved one column to the right, and the last column’s variable H needs to be placed five columns to the left, to match the data below.

The corrected table is listed on the following page.

The publisher apologizes for the error.


Kotwal RS, Mazuchowski EL, Janak JC, Howard JT, Harcke HT, Holcomb JB, Eastridge BJ, Gurney JM, Shackelford SA. United States military fatalities during Operation New Dawn: Erratum. The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 2021;91:375–383.
    TABLE 4 - Medical Interventions Performed and Opportunities for Improvement in US Military Fatalities from OND With Potentially Survivable Injuries by MAIS Primary Body Region, n = 8
    Casualty ID No. COD MOD MAIS 1–6 NISS 1–75 Intervention ROC 1-4
    (DOA, ROSC)
    Death PH vs H Death PID
    M A R C B S Opportunity For Improvement
    1, Gauze; 2, Pressure Dressing; 3, Hemostatic; 4, TQ-Limb (location); 5, TQ-Junctional; 6, Pelvic Binder 1, NPA; 2, SGA; 3, Cric; 4, ETT; 5, Trach 1, chest seal; 2, ND; 3, Chest Tube; 4, BVM; 5, Ventilator 1, CPR; 2, IV access; 3, IO access; 4, TXA; 5, Crystalloid; 6, Colloid; 7, Blood Product 1, Whole Blood; 2, RBCs; 3, FFP; 4, Platelets; 5, Cryoprecipitate; 6, Factor VII; 7, Albumin 1, Neurosurgery; 2, Thoracotomy; 3, Laparotomy; 4, Sternotomy; 5, Vascular; 6, Ex-Fix; 7, Fasciotomy 1, PH Care; 2, Time to PH Care; 3, H Care; 4, Time to H Care; (Intervention:
    Letter, Number)
     4 Blast HO 3 27 1 1 PH 0 1-2(All), 4(S5)
     17 GSW HO 4 34 1 1,3DOA PH 0 1-2(All), 4(S5)
     74PP GSW HO 4 26 4 2 3,5 2 2,3 2 1,3 H 0 1-2(R3,B1), 4(S)
     49PP Blast Hem 4 26 4RUE 4 5 2 3 1,3 H 0 1-2(R,C,B1), 4(S)
    Lower Extremity, Pelvis
     30 Blast Hem 4 41 1,4BLE 2,3 1 PH 0 1-2(B1), 4(S)
     35PP Blast Hem 4 41 4BLE 4 2 2 2,3 1,3 H 0 1-2(M5,M6,B1), 4(S)
     50 Blast Hem 5 26 4BLE 4 2 1,3DOA PH 0 1-2(M5,M6,B1), 4(S)
     9 MB HO 4 48 1 1 PH 0 1-2(A,R,C,B1), 4(S)
    This table reflects potential opportunities for improvement based on documented evidence of medical interventions from prehospital, hospital, and autopsy records, and may not account for all interventions performed. Survivability of fatalities was determined by a mortality review panel of subject matter experts based on current capabilities and ideal circumstances and does not take into consideration training, resource limitations, tactical influences, and/or hostile environment that may have prevented timely care.
    A, airway; B, blood product; BVM, bag valve mask; BLE, bilateral lower extremity; C, circulation; COD, cause of death; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; Cric, cricothyroidotomy; DOA, dead on arrival; ETT, endotracheal tube; Ex-fix, external fixation; FFP, fresh frozen plasma; GSW, gunshot wound; H, hospital; Hem, hemorrhage; HO, hemorrhage and other; IO, intraosseous; IV, intravenous; M, massive hemorrhage; MAIS, Maximum Abbreviated Injury Scale; MB, multiple/blunt; MOD, mechanism of death; ND, needle decompression; NPA, nasopharyngeal airway; NISS, New Injury Severity Scale; O, other; PH, prehospital; PID, postinjury day; PP, potentially preventable; R, respiratory; RBCs, red blood cells; ROC, role of care; ROSC, return of spontaneous circulation; RUE, right upper extremity; S, surgery; SGA, supraglottic airway; TQ, tourniquet; Trach, tracheotomy; TXA, tranexamic acid.

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