June 2018 - Volume 39 - Issue 5

  • Lee M. Pachter, DO
  • 0196-206X
  • 1536-7312
  • 9 issues / year
  • 2.393

Media Exposure in Low-Income Preschool-Aged Children Is Associated with Multiple Measures of Self-Regulatory Behavior

Munzer, Tiffany G.; Miller, Alison L.; Peterson, Karen E.; More

Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics. 39(4):303-309, May 2018.


​SDBP members on the front lines after school shootings

​SDBP members on the front lines after school shootings As our nation continues to come to grips with the latest school shooting—this time in Texas, and according to CNN, the 22nd shooting in the first 20 weeks of 2...

Building and Maintaining Resilience in Advocacy

Building and Maintaining Resilience in AdvocacyBy Dinah L. Godwin, LCSWI am writing this in the immediate aftermath of the latest school shooting at Santa Fe High School, approximately 30 miles from my home and the devel...

Reflections on Parkland

​Reflections on ParklandBy Judith Aronson-Ramos, MD, FAAPDevelopmental & Behavioral Pediatrician in Parkland, Florida Nestled in the northwest corner of Broward County, on the edge of the Everglades, Parkland us...

Screen-Free Week, May 1st – 7th

​​SDBP is proud to endorse Screen-Free Week. Time off from using technology for entertainment opens up opportunities for children to explore their own creativity in play, encourages play with others, supports physical ac...

Racism and Child Health Webinar

​Presented by The DC-Baltimore Research Center on Child Health Disparitieson Dec 05, 2016Archived at:http://healthsciences.howard.edu/education/colleges/medicine/research/child-health-disparities/p...

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