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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stimulants not a panacea for children who become adults with ADHD

​Data from the 16-year follow-up of the Multimodal Treatment Study (MTA)​ suggests that the small number of children with ADHD who continue take stimulant medications as adults may not experience meaningful relief of their ADHD symptoms from use of the medications as adults. On the other hand, those who did continue to the use medications were on average 2 cm shorter than their un-medicated peers. The authors discuss the implications of their findings and a number of key question left unanswered: Why did the medications lose their effectiveness? Was it something about the process of ADHD? or something about the adults that made them continue medications? What is it about adult ADHD that leads to the persistent functional impairment? What are the effective treatment approaches then? In addition to medication? In childhood? For adults? Medscape