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Friday, February 10, 2017

Parents don't really know how to use time-out

​In an article published in Academic Pediatrics, researchers at  Oregon Health & Science University surveyed parents parents of preschool and school-aged children​ regarding their knowledge an​d use of time-out for management of childhood misbehavior. While over 3/4 of parents surveyed reported using time-out (most often in response to aggression or destructive behavior), nearly 85% of parents reported at least one element that could interfere with effectiveness. The most common types of problematic use reported were "excesses of stimulation"; e.g. repeated warnings before time-out, talking to the child during time-out, allow them access to a distractor during time-out, etc. The strongest predictor of perceived ineffectiveness was the child leaving time-out without permission. ​The authors suggest a number of key teaching points for physicians and stress the importance of concurrent positive parenting strategies.​ AAP News​