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Psychosocial Stress, Adversity, and Trauma; Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • Updated:   6/22/2018
  • Contains:  27 items
Editor’s Note: In light of the heartbreaking evidence of family disruption seen in recent weeks at our southern border, we felt it appropriate to gather together a collection of papers and reviews published in the Journal regarding the effects of psychosocial trauma, maltreatment, toxic stress & adversity on the health and wellbeing of children and families. While many of us see these policies as abhorrent from the perspective of human rights and compassion, perhaps shining a light on the scientific evidence might bring truth to power and help those who are responsible for these policies pause to consider their immediate and long term effects. Lee M. Pachter, DO, Editor in Chief

Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Updated:   12/28/2018
  • Contains:  123 items

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Updated:   12/28/2018
  • Contains:  100 items
This collection of articles highlights original research, review articles, commentary, and challenging cases related to ADHD. The collection gathers research of the past 5 years.

Research Issues and Methods

  • Updated:   8/4/2017
  • Contains:  10 items


  • Updated:   11/26/2018
  • Contains:  44 items

Challenging Cases

  • Updated:   12/28/2018
  • Contains:  167 items

Digital Media, Media Use, and Social Media

  • Updated:   10/2/2018
  • Contains:  10 items

Education and Training

  • Updated:   5/21/2018
  • Contains:  1 items