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Gard, Steven A. PhD

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Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: April 2018 - Volume 30 - Issue 2 - p 59
doi: 10.1097/JPO.0000000000000187
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Passion is defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. One of the attributes that I appreciate about the field of P&O is the shared passion that practitioners and other P&O professionals have for their work, specifically in helping individuals with disability achieve a higher quality of life. I thoroughly enjoy speaking with my colleagues in P&O and hearing the passion for their life’s calling coming out. Not only is it motivating and inspirational, but it’s also contagious! However, we shouldn’t keep this passion to ourselves. Instead, we should be using our passion for P&O to educate others and grow our field. Sharing your passion with individuals outside the field, particularly young people, serves to stimulate their curiosity and encourages them to learn more about what we do.

Earlier this week, I was speaking with a father whose daughter is a young 20-something who is considering applying to P&O school. Her interest in P&O was greatly facilitated by shadowing experiences provided by individuals in both the P&O manufacturing sector and clinical practice. These practitioners deserve commendations and gratitude for sharing their time with this young person and encouraging her to enter the profession. I hope that, if approached, you will consider providing similar opportunities to young people in your community so they can witness your passion for the field firsthand. In addition, you might consider participating in career days at local high schools or mentoring student design groups to create awareness about the P&O field. Young people are fascinated by technology and we obviously work with a lot of interesting devices, so exposing them to the P&O field is a potential win for everyone involved.

As always, we would love to hear your ideas for growing JPO’s stature in the field while increasing its relevance to your profession. Please feel free to contact me or any of the Editorial Board members with your thoughts.

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