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Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: October 2017 - Volume 29 - Issue 4 - p 168-169
doi: 10.1097/JPO.0000000000000144
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  1. Read the article on pages 161–167.
  2. Complete the examination.
  3. Submit your completed examination to the Academy per the directions on the next page.


The following questions require short answers only; you do not have to use complete sentences. All questions refer to the article, A Comparative Study of Functional Grasp and Efficiency Between a 3D Printed and Commercial Myoelectric Transradial Prosthesis Using Able-Bodied Subjects: A Pilot Study, Gurinder S. Bains, MD, PhD, et al.


Please allow two to four weeks for processing.

JPO QUIZ—Shank-to-Vertical Angle in AFOs: A Comparison of Static and Dynamic Assessment in a Series of Cases, Nicola Eddison et al.

  1. (True or False) _____________ Patients with pathological gait have abnormal lower-limb kinematics, particularly at the shank segment.
  2. [Select the correct response.] What is the term referring to the entire process of designing, aligning, and tuning the ankle-foot orthosis-footwear combination (AFO-FC)?
    1. Biological maximization
    2. Biomechanical optimization
    3. Biodegradable permutation
    4. Biospherical acclimatization
  3. (True or False) ________ The shank-to-vertical angle (SVA) can be described as the angle of the shank relative to the vertical, measured in the transverse plane.
  4. [Select the correct response.] What is considered the optimum position to incline the thigh, maintain a vertical trunk, and balance?
    1. 7°–15°
    2. 15°–19°
    3. 3°–7°
    4. 10°–12°
  5. (True or False) _______________ The angle of the ankle in the AFO (AAAFO) and the pitch of the heel sole differential (HSD) will determine the SVA.
  6. [Select the correct response.] The article stated that each participant's AFO-FC was tuned by an experienced orthotist using a tuning process that followed ____________________.
    1. Burke's law
    2. Murphy's rule
    3. Owen's algorithm
    4. Oscar's ancillary
  7. (True or False) _____________ The gait analysis protocol included the use of three high-speed video cameras, one placed in the frontal plane, one placed in the sagittal plane, and one in the coronal plane.
  8. (True or False) _____________ The particular method of measuring the SVA of the AFO-FC was selected as opposed to only one foot on the foot plate in order to reduce the risk of distorting the subject's normal relaxed stance position and to ensure the weight was distributed evenly between both lower limbs.
  9. [Select the correct response.] Regarding the measurement of SVA, it is important to ensure what type of validity?
    1. Ecological
    2. Biological
    3. Scatological
    4. Statistical
  10. (True or False) _____________ Some practitioners do not have access to 3D gait analysis and claim that the process is too time-consuming.
  11. [Select the correct response.] The article stated that currently there ______________ in the literature that has (have) measured the SVA at mid-stance and compared it to the SVA of the AFO-FC measured statically.
    1. is one other study
    2. is no other study
    3. are many other studies
  12. [Select the correct response.] The article stated that, during gait, it _____________ possible to ensure that a child with pathological gait remains in the true sagittal plane at the point [at which] the child passes the video camera.
    1. is
    2. is not

Complete the JPO Self-Assessment Examination on the previous page and score a minimum of 80 percent to earn two MCE credits. Send the completed examination and payment in U.S. currency ($20 for Academy members, $50 nonmembers) to: American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, 1331 H Street NW, Suite 501, Washington, DC 20005. The examination must be received by the Academy within three years of the publication date for credit to be awarded.

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