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JPO: Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: January 2014 - Volume 26 - Issue 1 - p 31–32
doi: 10.1097/JPO.0000000000000009
Self Assessment Exam

Quiz – Osteoarthritic Knee Braces on the Market: A Literature Review, Kelly S. Brooks, BS, CP

  1. (True or False) ____________ The incidence of secondary osteoarthritis resulting from knee trauma is higher in men compared to women in both younger and older populations.
  2. [Select the correct response.] Osteoarthritis is also referred to as ___________ or degenerative joint disease.
    • A. thrombosis
    • B. articulosis
    • C. arthrosis
  3. (True or False) ____________ During normal gait, forces are evenly distributed across the knee joint surface.
  4. (True or False) ______________ A surgical approach is generally not recommended for the younger population.
  5. [Select the correct response.] Which of the following knee braces was touted as able to be used effectively following an injury of the menisci.
    • A. Thruster 2/DUO Knee Brace
    • B. SofTec OA Knee Brace
    • C. Legacy Thruster OA
  6. [Select the correct response.] The DUO is the only double upright “dynamic” osteoarthritic brace on the market that creates a load across the joint when the knee is ______________ and reduces the load when the knee is __________________.
    • A. straight…flexed
    • B. flexed…straight
    • C. bent…relaxed
    • D. tense…flexed
  7. (True or False) ________________ Concerning the Thruster 2, approximately 75% of the patients continued to wear the brace after one year.
  8. [Select the correct response.] The Defiance OA brace has a _________________ system that offers ligament stability.
    • A. 2-Points-of-Leverage
    • B. 4-Points-of-Leverage
    • C. 5-Points-of-Leverage
    • D. 3-Points-of-Leverage
  9. [Select the correct response.] According to the article, this brace is ideally suited for active patients as a result of its “perfect fit.”
    • A. Fusion OA
    • B. Defiance OA
    • C. OA Nano
    • D. OA Adjuster
  10. (True or False) _____________ It is important for the wearer to be able to adjust the amount of valgus loading applied by the brace to the knee with an OA key.
  11. [Select the correct response.] Which of the following conditions apply to the Unloader Express:
    • A. easy to fit
    • B. designed for the more active person
    • C. cost effective
    • D. A only
    • E. A and C
    • F. All of the above
    • G. None of the above
  12. [Select the correct response.] One distinction of the Unloader One is that it is:
    • A. the least expensive and one of the most popular of all offloading OA knee braces currently on the market
    • B. one of the most durable, well-crafted and constructed offloading OA knee braces available
    • C. the most investigated of all offloading OA knee braces currently on the market
  13. [Select the correct response.] According to the article, the __________________ is the most widely used osteoarthritic knee brace in the world.
    • A. Unloader Select
    • B. Unloader Spirit
    • C. Genu Arthro
    • D. Unloader One
  14. (True or False) ____________ Relief from the BioniCare Knee Device can be experienced as early as the first month, but typically it takes up to four to six months to see improvement.

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