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JPO Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: April 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 2 - p 93–94
doi: 10.1097/JPO.0b013e31828bf72f
Self-Assessment Examination
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  1. Read the article on pages 89–92.
  2. Complete the examination.
  3. Submit your completed examination to the Academy per the directions on the next page.
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The following questions require short answers only; you do not have to use complete sentences. All questions refer to the article, “Congenital Muscular Torticollis: Rehabilitation with a Customized Appliance” by Namrata Shah, Krishna D. Prasad, BDS MDS, et al.

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Please allow two to four weeks for processing.

Quiz – Congenital Muscular Torticollis: Rehabilitation with a Customized Appliance, Namrata Shah, Krishna D. Prasad, BDS MDS, et al.

  1. (True or False) ________________ When diagnosed and treated before 1 year of age, congenital muscular torticollis (CMT) resolves almost spontaneously in most cases.
  2. [Select the correct response.] Upon completing the physical examination of the subject, the following possible diagnoses were offered:
    • A. spasmodic torticollis
    • B. CMT
    • C. postural torticollis
    • D. A and B only
    • E. C only
    • F. A, B, and C
    • G. none of the above
  3. (True or False) ____________ Torticollis is principally known to be a symptom of one primary pathologic condition.
  4. [Select the correct response]. The objective of treatment was to _____________.
    • A. improve the range of motion of the neck
    • B. strengthen the muscles and tendons of the neck
    • C. improve the general curvature of the upper spine and lower neck
  5. [Select the correct response.] The appliance used to address the condition consisted of _____________ braces and was stabilized by ______________ straps attached to a waist belt.
    • A. two...two
    • B. two...three
    • C. three...two
    • D. three...three
  6. (True or False) __________________ After completing a number of physical exercises, the patient showed remarkably rapid improvement in her neck position and mobility.
  7. [Select the correct response.] After immense improvement in the neck rotations and flexion were demonstrated, the patient was asked to use a(n) _______________ for a period of ____________ months to achieve stabilization of the new position.
    • A. lateral brace...6
    • B. cervical collar...3
    • C. stationary halter...4
    • D. intractable vest...2
  8. (True or False) __________ It was determined that a success rate of greater than 95% is typically observed when the treatment for CMT is initiated before the first year of life.
  9. (True or False) _________________ Whether surgery performed later in a patient’s life is beneficial remains a controversial topic even today.
  10. [Select the correct response.] The use of _________________ has been suggested as a viable alternative.
    • A. boticelli toxin
    • B. botulism tonic
    • C. botulinum toxin
  11. (True or False) ________________ The postoperative immobilization protocol for congenital muscular torticollis remains controversial as well.
  12. [Select the correct response.] The various methods used, such as traction, vest, halo, cast, and collar, all maintain the ________________ muscle position.
    • A. released
    • B. flexed
    • C. standard

Complete the JPO Self-Assessment Examination on the previous page and score a minimum of 80 percent to earn two MCE credits. Send the completed examination and payment in U.S. currency ($20 for Academy members, $50 nonmembers) to: American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists, 1331 H Street NW, Suite 501, Washington, DC 20005. The examination must be received by the Academy within three years of the publication date for credit to be awarded.

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