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JPO Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: July 2003 - Volume 15 - Issue 3 - p 93-94
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  1. Read the article on pages 84-92.
  2. Complete the examination.
  3. Submit your completed examination to the AAOP per the directions on the next page.


The following questions require short answers only; you do not have to use complete sentences. All questions refer to the article “The Role of Variability in Practice Structure when Learning to Use an Upper-Extremity Prosthesis” by Douglas Weeks, PhD, David I. Anderson, PhD, and Stephen A. Wallace, PhD.


Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

1.______________________________ is a motor learning principle that is well-known to heighten cognitive processing in early practice.

2. True or False? A practice context that is structured to increase the number of task variations experienced during a practice session minimizes cognitive processing.

3. True or False? Contextual Interference (CI) is a learning phenomenon structuring variability of practice, which enhances cognitive effort within a practice session.

4. A blocked practice schedule allows the learner to concentrate on refining:

a. many tasks simultaneously

b. many tasks in a variety of sequences

c. one particular task before moving on to another task

5. The practice of a learner rotating tasks so that the same task may only rarely be experienced on two consecutive trials is referred to as: _________________________.

6. Random practice conditions produce:

a. better performance during retention and transfer tests of learning

b. worse performance during retention of learning

c. worse performance during transfer tests of learning

7. Practice sessions that promote retention of the gains made with the therapist are important due to:

a. limited times a therapist has with the patient

b. limited number of tasks that can be experienced in a rehabilitation setting

c. both a and b

8. Blocked practice is more detrimental to the proficiency of:

a. both males and females equally when faced with novel tasks to perform

b. females when faced with novel tasks to perform

c. males when faced with novel tasks to perform

9. True or False? Initial learning context was shown to influence performance in intertask transfer.

10. A person with a recent amputation should begin to practice with the prosthetic device:

a. immediately after the amputation

b. during the period in which the inflammation of the stump subsides

c. when the amputation site is completely healed

Complete the JPO Self-Assessment Examination on the previous page and score a minimum of 75 percent to earn two PCE credits. Send the completed examination and payment in U.S. currency ($20/AAOP members, $40/nonmembers) to: AAOP, Dept. 937, Alexandria, VA 22334-0937. The examination must be received by the AAOP within 3 years of the publication date for credit to be awarded.


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