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Devens Mark F. CO
JPO Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: August 21st, 2000
Using Preoperative Molds to Decrease Operating Room Time When Applying External Fixation Devices: PDF Only


The purpose of this article is to convey the method and materials used to assist the surgeon in perioperative construction of various external fixation devices. The use of these devices resulted in a decrease in operative time, efficiency in constructing the fixation apparatus, and the provision of a teaching tool for medical personnel along with family and patient. The material and device allows the surgeon to fabricate various constructs, cut and alter angulation, and interchange parts, all of which are done non-operatively to determine the potential clinical outcomes of the surgical application of the fixator.

MARK F. DEVENS, CO is president of the MD Orthotic and Prosthetic Laboratory, Chicago, IL, and a consulting orthotist at the Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL.

Mark F. Devens, CO, 815 West Weed Street, Chicago, IL 60622. Phone: (312) 337-0811; Fax: (312) 337-4776. E-mail:

This study was conducted at Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL.

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