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Roach Christopher J. BS; Andrish, Jack T. MD
JPO Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: July 1998
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We studied 25 patients treated part-time with a Wilmington thoracolumbosacral orthosis in order to determine its efficacy. Our study focused on the outcomes of 19 patients. All were skeletally immature (Risser 0,1, or 2) at the initiation of orthotic management, with one exception. We followed them until skeletal maturity, until they became non-compliant, or until they required operative intervention. Fifteen of the 19 patients (79%) had curves that did not progress more than 5° during the time interval that the patient was compliant with wearing the orthosis part-time. The remaining four patients (21%) had at least one curve that progressed more than 5° while wearing the orthosis part-time. These results are comparable to those found in the literature for full-time bracing protocols

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