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Yamamoto Sumiko PhD; Ebina, Masahiko; Miyazaki, Shinji PhD; Kawai, Hideo; Kubota, Toshio MD
JPO Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: October 1997
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The mechanical characteristics of ankle-foot orthoses that are important for hemiplegic gait are the magnitude of the assist moment and the initial ankle angle. An experimental ankle-foot orthosis that allows for easy adjustment of the magnitude of the assist moments and the initial ankle angle was developed.

The gaits of hemiplegic patients using the experimental orthosis were measured, and the plantarflexion assist moment was found to be unnecessary for the hemiplegic gait in most cases. The hemiplegic gaits for various magnitudes of the dorsiflexion assist moment and initial ankle angles were examined, and the orthosis characteristics appropriate for the individual patients were selected. Based on these results, desirable characteristics of ankle-foot orthoses for hemiplegic patients were determined.

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