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Simmonds Maureen J. MCSP MSc PhD
JPO Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics: October 1996


As the final section of the research paper, the discussion serves as the forum for the examination and interpretation of the results, placing the results into theoretical and practical context

The purpose of this article is to “discuss the discussion” as it pertains to content, format and style. The discussion consists of a summary and explanation of the results, an acknowledgment of the study's limitations, and a discussion of how the results should influence clinical practice

Discussion implies a sifting and consideration of possibilities, and the writer should take the reader through this thought process as alternative interpretations are first considered then dismissed, modified or adopted. The results from the study are compared to others in the literature, and differences and similarities in the findings are explained. Limitations of the study must be acknowledged and remaining questions identified. The discussion should finish clearly and concisely with a simple “take-home” message of what the study means

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