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Diméglio A.; Bensahel, H.; Souchet, PH.; Mazeau, PH.; Bonnet, F.
Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B: 1995
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Clubfeet must be classified according to severity to obtain reference points, assess the efficacy of orthopaedic treatment, and analyze the operative results objectively. A scale of 0–20 was established on the basis of four essential parameters: equinus in the sagittal plane, varus deviation in the frontal plane and derotation around the talus of the calcaneo-forefoot (CFF) block and adduction of forefoot on hindfoot in the horizontal plane. Four grades of clubfeet can be individualized: (a) Benign feet so-called “soft-soft feet,” grade I, similar to postural feet, with a score of 5 to 1 (these mild feet must be excluded from any statistics as they tend to increase good results); (b) moderate feet, so-called “soft > stiff feet,” grade II (reducible but partly resistant, with a score of 5–10); (c) severe feet, so-called “stiff > soft feet,” grade III (resistant but partly reducible, with a score of 10–15); and (d) very severe, pseudoarthrogryposic feet, so-called “stiff-stiff feet,” grade IV (score of 15–20 points). To avoid risks of errors, our method is based on a very complete checklist and on diagrams. Our training material includes an audiovisual package.

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