September/October 2018 - Volume 24 - Issue 5

  • Lloyd F. Novick, MD, MPH
    Associate Editor:
    Justin B. Moore, PhD, MS
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Impact of Public Health Accreditation
Published May/June 2018

​​The September/October 2018 issue of the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice introduces a new collection of case studies called Backstories in Epidemiology, edited by Lloyd Novick, Carole Novick, and John Marr. The first case study, "Mystery in the Pines," is written by former New York State health official and JPHMP editorial board member Gus Birkhead. The story recounts a typhoid epidemic in the Catskill Mountains. A second case study written by John Marr and Marcus Horwitz, "The World's Deadliest Poison," will be published on JPHMP Direct, where the series will continue to publish each month subsequently. Backstories in Epidemiology is written in the spirit of Berton Roueché's classic Eleven Blue Men and Other Narratives of Medical Detection and will appeal to students, practitioners, and health professionals at all levels.

Other work appearing in this new issue of the journal focuses on the impact of population health and includes a commentary by Denise Tahara on food insecurity and well-being, a report by Laura Seeff and colleagues on CDC's 6/18 initiative, a brief report by Katrina Smith Korfmacher and Kathleen Holt on the potential for proactive housing inspections to inform public health interventions, a review on statewide severe maternal morbidity by Abigail Koch et al, a report by Meghan McGinty and associates on assessing the knowledge and skills of public health professionals in big city health departments, a report by Elizabeth Harper et al on succession planning in state health agencies, and much more.


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