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The N680S variant in the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor gene identifies hyperresponders to controlled ovarian stimulation

Nenonen, Hannah A.; Lindgren, Ida A.; Prahl, Alexandra S.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 29(5):114-120, July 2019.

Characterization of ADME gene variation in 21 populations by exome sequencing

Hovelson, Daniel H.; Xue, Zhengyu; Zawistowski, Matthew; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 27(3):89-100, March 2017.

International survey of patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention and their attitudes toward pharmacogenetic testing

Pereira, Naveen L.; So, Derek; Bae, Jang-Ho; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 29(4):76-83, June 2019.

The common Arg389gly ADRB1 polymorphism affects heart rate response to the ultra-short-acting β1 adrenergic receptor antagonist esmolol in healthy individuals

Muszkat, Mordechai; Hoofien, Assaf; Orlanski-Meyer, Esther; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 23(1):25-28, January 2013.

A European study of HLA-B in Stevens–Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis related to five high-risk drugs

Lonjou, Christine; Borot, Nicolas; Sekula, Peggy; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 18(2):99-107, February 2008.

Targeted sequencing identifies a missense variant in the BEST3 gene associated with antihypertensive response to hydrochlorothiazide

Singh, Sonal; Wang, Zhiying; Shahin, Mohamed H.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 28(11):251-255, November 2018.

Allele and genotype frequencies of polymorphic cytochromes P4502D6, 2C19 and 2E1 in Aborigines from Western Australia

Griese, Ernst-Ulrich; Ilett, Kenneth F.; Kitteringham, Neil R.; More

Pharmacogenetics. 11(1):69-76, February 2001.

Genetic diversity of variants involved in drug response and metabolism in Sri Lankan populations: implications for clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics

Chan, Sze Ling; Samaranayake, Nilakshi; Ross, Colin J.D.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 26(1):28-39, January 2016.

Sequence diversity and haplotype structure in the human ABCB1 (MDR1, multidrug resistance transporter) gene

Kroetz, Deanna L; Pauli-Magnus, Christiane; Hodges, Laura M; More

Pharmacogenetics. 13(8):481-494, August 2003.

Multiphenotype association study of patients randomized to initiate antiretroviral regimens in AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocol A5202

Verma, Anurag; Bradford, Yuki; Verma, Shefali S.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 27(3):101-111, March 2017.

Genomic organization of the human CYP3A locus: identification of a new, inducible CYP3A gene

Gellner, Klaus; Eiselt, Regina; Hustert, Elisabeth; More

Pharmacogenetics. 11(2):111-121, March 2001.

In-vitro metabolism of celecoxib, a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, by allelic variant forms of human liver microsomal cytochrome P450 2C9: correlation with CYP2C9 genotype and in-vivo pharmacokinetics

Tang, Cuyue; Shou, Magang; Rushmore, Thomas H.; More

Pharmacogenetics. 11(3):223-235, April 2001.

Impact of the CYP2C19 genotype on voriconazole exposure in adults with invasive fungal infections

Hamadeh, Issam S.; Klinker, Kenneth P.; Borgert, Samuel J.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 27(5):190-196, May 2017.

Sequence analysis of bile salt export pump (ABCB11) and multidrug resistance p-glycoprotein 3 (ABCB4, MDR3) in patients with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

Pauli-Magnus, Christiane; Lang, Thomas; Meier, Yvonne; More

Pharmacogenetics. 14(2):91-102, February 2004.

CYP2D6 function moderates the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of 3,4-methylene-dioxymethamphetamine in a controlled study in healthy individuals

Schmid, Yasmin; Vizeli, Patrick; Hysek, Cédric M.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 26(8):397-401, August 2016.

Effect of apolipoprotein E, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha and lipoprotein lipase gene mutations on the ability of fenofibrate to improve lipid profiles and reach clinical guideline targets among hypertriglyceridemic patients

Brisson, Diane; Ledoux, Karine; Bossé, Yohan; More

Pharmacogenetics. 12(4):313-320, June 2002.

A genetic variant in NRP1 is associated with worse response to ranibizumab treatment in neovascular age-related macular degeneration

Lorés-Motta, Laura; van Asten, Freekje; Muether, Philipp S.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 26(1):20-27, January 2016.

Utility of integrated pharmacogenomic testing to support the treatment of major depressive disorder in a psychiatric outpatient setting

Hall-Flavin, Daniel K.; Winner, Joel G.; Allen, Josiah D.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 23(10):535-548, October 2013.

Exome array analysis identifies GPR35 as a novel susceptibility gene for anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity in childhood cancer

Ruiz-Pinto, Sara; Pita, Guillermo; Patiño-García, Ana; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 27(12):445-453, December 2017.

Characterization of the monomethylarsonate reductase and dehydroascorbate reductase activities of Omega class glutathione transferase variants: implications for arsenic metabolism and the age-at-onset of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases

Schmuck, Erica M.; Board, Philip G.; Whitbread, Astrid K.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 15(7):493-501, July 2005.

Xenobiotic-metabolizing gene variants, pesticide use, and the risk of prostate cancer

Koutros, Stella; Andreotti, Gabriella; Berndt, Sonja I.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 21(10):615-623, October 2011.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the multidrug resistance gene 1 (ABCB1): effects on its expression and clinicopathological characteristics in breast cancer patients

Vaclavikova, Radka; Nordgard, Silje H.; Alnaes, Grethe I.G.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 18(3):263-273, March 2008.

The combination of CYP3A4*22 and CYP3A5*3 single-nucleotide polymorphisms determines tacrolimus dose requirement after kidney transplantation

Lloberas, Nuria; Elens, Laure; Llaudó, Ines; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 27(9):313-322, September 2017.

Evaluation of KDR rs34231037 as a predictor of sunitinib efficacy in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Apellániz-Ruiz, María; Diekstra, Meta H.; Roldán, Juan M.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 27(6):227-231, June 2017.

The effectiveness of hydroxy-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitors (statins) in the elderly is not influenced by apolipoprotein E genotype

Maitland-van der Zee, Anke-Hilse; Stricker, Bruno H Ch; Klungel, Olaf H; More

Pharmacogenetics. 12(8):647-653, November 2002.

The combination of mitochondrial low enzyme-activity aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 allele and superoxide dismutase 2 genotypes increases the risk of hypertension in relation to alcohol consumption

Nakagawa, Takehiro; Kajiwara, Ayami; Saruwatari, Junji; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 23(1):34-37, January 2013.

Genome-wide association study of cardiotoxicity in the NCCTG N9831 (Alliance) adjuvant trastuzumab trial

Serie, Daniel J.; Crook, Julia E.; Necela, Brian M.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 27(10):378-385, October 2017.