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Medeiros, L. C. S.1; Speridião, P. G. L.1; Sdepanian, V. L.1; Fagundes-Neto, U.1; Morais, M. B.1

Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition: June 2004 - Volume 39 - Issue - p S9
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1 Pediatric Gastroenterology, Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

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Introduction: Cow’s milk allergy and/or intolerance frequently occurred in the first three years of life. Dietary elimination has been the basic management. In previous studies, children on elimination diets had low intakes of energy and calcium.

The aims of the present study were to investigate the nutrient intake and nutritional status in children on cow’s milk free diets.

Methods: Twenty six children on cow’s milk free diet (CM-free), attended in Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic, and 30 children consuming cow’s milk were studied. The dietary intake assessment was conducted with the goal of describing the usual dietary intake of the children. The mother was asked about eating times, foods consumed and your portion sizes for a typical day. The nutrient intakes were compared with the National Research Council recommendation. The z score for height/age, weight/age and weight/height were calculated using National Center for Health Statistics growth charts.

Results: The foods avoided were milk and all milk products (n=14), milk, all milk products and soy (n=11), milk, all milk products, soy and red or yellow color food (n=1). Twelve (46,1%) children on cow’s milk free diet used a soy formula or casein hydrolysate and nine (34,6%) used calcium supplements. Children on cow’s milk free diets had lower intake of energy (75,6% vs 100,1%; p=0,004) and calcium (56,4% vs 140,6%; p<0,001) when compared group consuming milk. The CM-free diet group presented lower intake of protein, fat (p<0,05) and carbohydrate intake (p0,05). The anthropometric indices were lower in children on cow’s milk free diet as compared to children consuming milk: height-for-age (−0,81 vs +0,42; p<0,001), weight-for-age (−1,03 vs +0,02; p<0,001) and weight-for-height (−0,63 vs +0,30; p=0,004).

Conclusion: Children on cow’s milk free diet presented lower dietary intake of energy and calcium and lower weight and height compared to children consuming milk.

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