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Iacono G.; Carroccio, A.; Cavataio, F.; Montalto, G.; Soresi, M.; Balsamo, V.
Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition: February 1992
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We report a study of realimentation techniques in 9 unweaned infants with multiple food hypersensitivity. The patients had presented severe symptoms of cow's milk allergy and successive attempts using milk containing soy protein and/or a semielemental formula in their alimentation did not improve their clinical condition, due to the onset of hypersensitivity to these allergens as well. After a short period of parenteral alimentation the infants were refed per os with ass' milk (250 ml/kg/day) + medium chain triglycerides (40 ml/L milk). This food was well tolerated by all patients. No negative clinical reactions were recorded and during hospitalisation average weight increase was 39.8 g/day. The follow-up of the patients showed that ass' milk was tolerated without any problems up to an age ranging from 15 to 20 months, when cow's milk was reintroduced in some patients.

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