Total Laparoscopic Central Pancreatectomy

Video Author:Journal of Pancreatology

Published on:June 08, 2023

Central Pancreatectomy is an option for benign or low-grade malignant pancreatic tumors located in the body of the pancreas to preserve pancreatic function to the most significant extent. Central pancreatectomy is a relatively technique-challenging surgical procedure. Herein, the Department of General Surgery of Peking Union Medical College Hospital surgeons presented a total laparoscopic central pancreatectomy for a 33-year-old female patient with a pancreatic cystic tumor. She suffered bacteremia after surgery and treated by intravenous antibiotics for one week. She was discharged 20 days after surgery. The pathological reports showed it was a serous cystic neoplasm.

Operator: Prof. Taiping Zhang, Director of the Department of General Surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Assistant: Associate Prof. Qiaofei Liu, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital