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Pre-Submission Checklist

What information and files are required during the submission process? Below is a list of statements the Corresponding Author/submitter should be able to agree with before beginning submission.

Further details regarding any information listed here can be found in the Instruction for Authors.​

1. The manuscript adheres to Journal of Pancreatology®'s Criteria for Acceptance.

2. I have registered for an ORCID iD.
All submitting Corresponding Authors are encouraged to provide an ORCID iD when submitting a manuscript to the journal. Coauthors are encouraged to provide an ORCID iD as well. Authors can register for an ORCID iD at

3. I have the required files for submission and all files are formatted according to the submission guidelines.
  • More information on submission file formatting can be in the Information for Authors guidelines.
  • Manuscript file
  • Figure(s). Optional
  • Tables(s). Optional
  • Reporting Guidelines checklist 
4. I have selected a section category, keywords, and at least two classifications for the manuscript.
Section Categories and Classifications help the journal identify appropriate reviewers and Academic Editors. By selecting the relevant classifications, the journal editors can accurately match your paper with an appropriate reviewer.
Keywords are important because they help with indexing your article. Using accurate and concise keywords increase the discoverability of your research through Search Engine Optimization.

5. I have all relevant and correct author information including:
  • Full names, including initials (if applicable)
  • Institutions and affiliations
  • Degrees
  • Email and contact information
  • Author contributions
  • Author order list
  • Author conflicts of interest
  • Funding information for each author
The journal considers the final author list to be complete at the time of the first revision submission. Please be sure to check that all authors are properly listed on the revision submission, this includes the spelling of an author's name, their designated degrees, and order of authors listed. The journal will not allow changes to authorship after acceptance. More information on authorship can be found in the Authorship Section in the Instruction for Authors.

6. I can provide the following information (if applicable):
  • Financial activities and affiliations of the submitted work for all listed authors

7. I can agree to the statement of non-duplication and non-dual submission as outlined in the submission guidelines.
During the Additional Information section of the submission process, all authors must certify that their manuscript is a unique submission and is not being considered for publication by any other source in any medium. Further, the manuscript has not been published, in part or in full, in any form. Work published or presented as an abstract at a professional meeting will be considered.
If the submitted manuscript has been published or has been submitted to another journal and is being considered for publication, the authors must declare such submission and/ or publications during the submission process.

8. I have read and agreed to the Copyright Transfer Agreement.

9. I have read and agreed to publish the paper under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license for the publication.

10. I can confirm whether the datasets will be submitted to a data repository before or after publication.