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Abstracts & Brief Reports
Nick Hudak, MPA, MSEd, PA-C
Assistant JPAE Editor
Duke University

Academic Law
Diana T. Noller, DHSc, MMS, MSPT, PA-C 
Austin College

Compliance Strategies
Jacqueline Sivahop, EdD, PA-C
University of Colorado

Exploring Medicine Through the Arts
Erin F. Lepp, MMSc, PA-C
Mercer University
Global Perspectives
Mary Showstark, MPAS, PA-C
Yale School of Medicine

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Sheena D. Brown, PhD, MSCR
Meharry Medical College

Lessons Learned
Patricia Dieter, MPA, PA-C
Duke University

Technology and Education
Karen Gordes, PhD, DSc, PT
University of Maryland Baltimore

Book Reviews
Chris Roman, DMS, PA-C
Butler University


Trenton Honda, PhD, MMS, PA-C
Editor in Chief
Northeastern University

Alexandria Garino, PhD, PA-C
Yale School of Medicine

Kristopher Maday, MS, PA-C
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Anthony Miller, MEd, PA-C
Shenandoah University

Elana Min, PhD, PA-C
Northwestern University

Brenda Quincy, PhD, MPH, PA-C
Butler University

Daytheon Sturges, PhD, MPAS, PA-C
University of Washington, MEDEX Northwest

William Schweinle, PhD
University of South Dakota