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Longitudinal Association of a Medication Risk Score With Mortality Among Ambulatory Patients Acquired Through Electronic Health Record Data

Ratigan, Amanda Rondinelli; Michaud, Veronique; Turgeon, Jacques; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 17(4):249-255, June 2021.

Influence of Gender, Profession, and Managerial Function on Clinicians’ Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture: A Cross-National Cross-Sectional Study

Gambashidze, Nikoloz; Hammer, Antje; Wagner, Anke; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 17(4):e280-e287, June 2021.

Using Deprescribing Practices and the Screening Tool of Older Persons’ Potentially Inappropriate Prescriptions Criteria to Reduce Harm and Preventable Adverse Drug Events in Older Adults

Earl, Tara R.; Katapodis, Nicole D.; Schneiderman, Stephanie R.; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 16(3):S23-S35, September 2020.

Liability of Health Care Professionals and Institutions During COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy: Symposium Proceedings and Position Statement

Oliva, Antonio; Caputo, Matteo; Grassi, Simone; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 16(4):e299-e302, December 2020.

A Patient Safety Toolkit for Family Practices

Campbell, Stephen M.; Bell, Brian G.; Marsden, Kate; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 16(3):e182-e186, September 2020.

COVID-19–Related Circumstances for Hospital Readmissions: A Case Series From 2 New York City Hospitals

Choi, Justin J.; Contractor, Jigar H.; Shaw, Amy L.; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 17(4):264-269, June 2021.

Effectivity of a Program for the Control and Prevention of COVID-19 Healthcare-Associated Infections in a Spanish Academic Hospital

Gras-Valentí, Paula; Mora-Muriel, Juan G.; Chico-Sánchez, Pablo; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 17(4):323-330, June 2021.

Returning to Elective Orthopedic Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multidisciplinary and Pragmatic Strategy for Initial Patient Selection

Vles, Georges F.; Ghijselings, Stijn; De Ryck, Iris; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 16(4):e292-e298, December 2020.

Transmitting Device Identifiers of Implants From the Point of Care to Insurers: A Demonstration Project

Krupka, Dan C.; Graham, Jove; Wilson, Natalia A.; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 17(3):223-230, April 2021.