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The Impact of a Patient Participating in Evaluating Patient Safety by Using the Patient Measure of Safety in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Al Zahrani, Amani K.; Alaska, Yasser A.; Alqahtani, Nawaf M.; More

Journal of Patient Safety. : May 11, 2023

The Psychological Safety Scale of the Safety, Communication, Operational, Reliability, and Engagement (SCORE) Survey: A Brief, Diagnostic, and Actionable Metric for the Ability to Speak Up in Healthcare Settings

Adair, Kathryn C.; Heath, Annemarie; Frye, Maureen A.; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 18(6):513-520, September 2022.

Root Cause Analysis Using the Prevention and Recovery Information System for Monitoring and Analysis Method in Healthcare Facilities: A Systematic Literature Review

Driesen, Babiche E.J.M.; Baartmans, Mees; Merten, Hanneke; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 18(4):342-350, June 2022.

Identifying Safety Practices Perceived as Low Value: An Exploratory Survey of Healthcare Staff in the United Kingdom and Australia

Halligan, Daisy; Janes, Gillian; Conner, Mark; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 19(2):143-150, March 2023.

Impact of Teamwork and Communication Training Interventions on Safety Culture and Patient Safety in Emergency Departments: A Systematic Review

Alsabri, Mohamed; Boudi, Zoubir; Lauque, Dominique; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 18(1):e351-e361, January 2022.

Comparative Impact Analysis of Low-Deductible Insurance Versus In-house Hospital Assumption of Risk and Management on Medical Malpractice Claims

Vetrugno, Giuseppe; Grassi, Simone; Foti, Federica; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 19(4):258-263, June 2023.

Improving Administration and Documentation of Enteral Nutrition Support Therapy in a Veteran Affairs Health Care System: Use of Medication Administration Record and Bar Code Scanning Technology

Chew, Mary M.; Rivas, Salvador; Chesser, Michael; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 19(1):23-28, January 2023.

Analyzing and Discussing Human Factors Affecting Surgical Patient Safety Using Innovative Technology: Creating a Safer Operating Culture

van Dalen, Anne Sophie Helena Maria; Jung, James J.; Nieveen van Dijkum, Els J.M.; More

Journal of Patient Safety. 18(6):617-623, September 2022.