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Kallenborn Celeste J. MBA RN; Gonzales, Kathie BSN, RN; Crane, Nancy B.; Pesce, Karen BSN, RN; Swan, Sherry BSN, RN; Flint, Lewis MD; Shimberg, Robert Esq.
Journal of Trauma Nursing: January-March 2004

Cease Fire Tampa Bay is a multifaceted, broad-based community effort working to increase awareness of firearm injuries and provide an opportunity for the people of the southwest-central Florida region to eliminate unwanted firearms. Three approaches to develop this program were implemented; a six-county gun buy-back program, firearm safety education for school-aged children and community education programs. The program has been successful in removing 6,981 unwanted guns from the streets, and has reached thousands of children and families in the region. This article describes the development, implementation and evaluation of the program.

J. Celeste Kallenborn, MBA, RN is the Trauma Program Manager, and Kathie Gonzales, RN, BSN is the Trauma Clinician, Tampa General Hospital, Regional Trauma Center, Tampa, Florida. Nancy B. Crane is the Coordinator, Cease Fire Tampa Bay, Inc. Karen Pesce, BSN, RN is the Executive Director, MORE HEALTH, Inc. Sherry Swan, BSN, RN is a Research Nurse, University of South Florida, Department of Surgery. Lewis Flint, MD, is the Medical Director Regional Trauma Center, Tampa General Hospital and Professor of Surgery, University of South Florida. Robert Shimberg, Esq. is the President, Cease Fire Tampa Bay, Inc.

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