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Griffith Pamela M. MBA RN; Alo, Kathleen BSN, RN; Cohen, Marilyn RN
Journal of Trauma Nursing: July-August-September 2001

Purpose:To describe the history and define current application of the Trauma Program Manger (TPM) role. To suggest that a professional networking group can assist a TPM to accomplish the significant demands of the role.

Significance to Care:Improved understanding of the current role. Enhanced effectiveness in fulfilling the current functions of the TPM role through networking.

Design:Literature review on the role of the TPM, discussing the growth, development and progression to its current form. Evaluation of one professional group of TPMs and how it aided members in accomplishing the significant demands of the role.

Methods of Evaluation:A 6-year retrospective review of the administrative records for a professional networking group of TPMs was conducted. Meeting content was sorted and tabulated into the 10 functional requirements of the TPM role. TPMs who were members of the group during the same 6-year period were surveyed regarding the perceived value of group participation relative to accomplishing each of the TPM role functions.

Conclusions:The current form of the TPM role is significant and encompasses at least 10 distinct functions. A professional group of TPMs is a useful tool to aid individuals in fulfilling their TPM roles. This may be true for both novice and experienced TPMs. The professional group may serve as an adjunct to obtaining formal role education.

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