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Cogley, Kimberly, MSN, BSN, MBA

Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing: April/June 2019 - Volume 8 - Issue 2 - p 22
doi: 10.1097/JPS.0000000000000208
Message From the President

Kimberly Cogley, MSN, BSN, MBA

The author declares no conflict of interest.



As the mother of an airman, I am frequently asked if my son is a pilot and, if not, why? Is a pilot the most important person in the Airforce? I proudly answer, “No, he is not a pilot!” He is the F-15 Crew Chief who keeps the jet engine running, the bomb launchers functioning, and every control panel in working order that the pilot depends on as he executes his mission. Without my son, where would that pilot be? The pilot, the mechanic, the crew chief, and the navigators are all part of the team that keeps the jet in the air. Each and every person that belongs to a team has a significant task to complete.

As a team member on a patient care unit, each member has a very important job in the day-to-day tasks to ensure a patient's well-being. You do not need to be a physician to make a difference in a patient's life. The nurse caring for the personal needs or preparing medication is just as critical to the healing process. A medical assistant bathing or feeding a patient is especially important in helping the patient maintain his or her strength. From the housekeeper who cleans the room to the person who brings their food, there isn't any part that is considered too small in making a difference. Each person who comes into contact with that patient needs the support of other care team members to make the patient's stay successful.

The same is true with an organization such as the American Pediatric Nurses Association, Inc. (APSNA). Every person has an impact on the success of the organization. From the members to the President, there is an important role that each person plays within the organization. Where would APSNA be without the membership? Being part of a committee or a special interest group affects how the organization functions and identifies what to focus efforts upon. The journal would not be available to the membership without the Editor in Chief, the editorial board, or the authors. APSNA would not have a yearly conference without speakers, vendors, committees, and attendees all under the organization of the Director of Program.

Being part of a team and knowing your worth within that team is what makes you successful. Whether you spend 2 or 40 hours working on a team, the contributions that you make are vital to the success of that team. Don't be afraid to engage in a team, a committee, or an organization. You are important and will make a difference! I want to encourage each of you to become involved with APSNA! There isn't a project too big or too small. Each and every project is essential for the growth of the organization!

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