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November 2008 - Volume 31 - Issue 6
pp: 325-375



IV P.U.M.P. (Politically Useful Messages for Practicing Nurses)

Speaking of Standards …

New Products and Services

Advances in Prostanoid Infusion Therapy for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Doran, Aimee; Harris, Stephanie; Goetz, Brett

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 31(6):336-345, November 2008.

The Intravenous Cannula for Newborn Infants Requiring Only Intravenous Medication: Continuous Infusion or Intermittent Flushing?

Flint, Anndrea; Davies, Mark

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 31(6):346-349, November 2008.

Nursing Considerations for Infusion Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Versus Malignancy

Furfaro, Nicole; Mease, Philip J.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 31(6):350-360, November 2008.

Challenges of Nutrition Intervention for Malnourished Dialysis Patients

Moore, Eileen

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 31(6):361-366, November 2008.

Home Intravenous Therapy and the Ability to Perform Self-care Activities of Daily Living

O'Halloran, Linda; El-Masri, Maher M.; Fox-Wasylyshyn, Susan M.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 31(6):367-374, November 2008.