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July-August 2007 - Volume 30 - Issue 4
pp: 189-240



IV P.U.M.P. (Politically Useful Messages for Practicing Nurses)

Speaking of Standards …

Management of Patients Refractory to Platelet Transfusion

Chockalingam, Porselvi; Sacher, Ronald A.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 30(4):220-225, July-August 2007.

Assessing Pediatric Patients for Vascular Access and Sedation

Earhart, Ann; Jorgensen, Christine; Kaminski, Darlene

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 30(4):226-231, July-August 2007.

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia: A General Review

Swanson, Joseph M.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 30(4):232-240, July-August 2007.