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March-April 2007 - Volume 30 - Issue 2
pp: 73-124,C1-C4



IV P.U.M.P. (Politically Useful Messages for Practicing Nurses)

Speaking of Standards …

Continuing Education Test

New Products and Services

Liposomal Drug Delivery

Allison, S. Dean

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 30(2):89-95, March-April 2007.

A Nursing Guide to Infusion Therapy with Abatacept for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Barr, Christine

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 30(2):96-104, March-April 2007.

Implementing Evidence-based Nursing Practice in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Morgan, Lisa M.; Thomas, Dorothy J.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 30(2):105-112, March-April 2007.

Current Therapies for Multiple Myeloma

Tariman, Joseph D.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 30(2):113-118, March-April 2007.

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