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March-April 2006 - Volume 29 - Issue 2
pp: 57-110



New Products and Services

Management of the Patient Receiving Parenteral Biologic Therapy

Vizcarra, Cora; Belcher, Dulce

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 29(2):63-71, March-April 2006.

Examination of Factors That Lead to Complications for New Home Parenteral Nutrition Patients

de Burgoa, Lori Jeris; Seidner, Douglas; Hamilton, Cindy; More

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 29(2):74-80, March-April 2006.

Leading Change: Retrospective Evaluation of a Nurse-led Initiative in Vascular Access Options for Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Recipients Ranging From Hickman Catheters to Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

McDiarmid, Sheryl; Hamelin, Linda; Huebsch, L. B.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 29(2):81-88, March-April 2006.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the Role of the Infusion Nurese

Lamondy, Anne M.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 29(2):89-100, March-April 2006.

A Descriptive Survey of the Different Management Practices for Peripheral IV Catheters Among Greek, Jordanian, and Australian Teaching Hospitals

Walker, Stuart R.; Farraj, Rami; Papavassiliou, Vassilios; More

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 29(2):101-108, March-April 2006.