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Infiltration and Extravasation: Update on Prevention and Management

Doellman, Darcy; Hadaway, Lynn; Bowe-Geddes, Leigh Ann; More

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 32(4):203-211, July-August 2009.

International Consensus Recommendation Guidelines for Subcutaneous Infusions of Hydration and Medication in Adults: An e-Delphi Consensus Study

Broadhurst, Daphne; Cooke, Marie; Sriram, Deepa; More

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 46(4):199-209, July/August 2023.

Best Practices in Multiple Sclerosis: Infusion Reactions Versus Hypersensitivity Associated With Biologic Therapies

Namey, Marie; Halper, June; O'Leary, Shirley; More

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 33(2):98-111, March-April 2010.

Profiles and Outcomes of Skin Injuries Caused by Injectable Drug Extravasation: An Analysis of the Japanese Adverse Drug Event Report Database

Maezawa, Mika; Inoue, Misaki; Satake, Riko; More

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 46(5):281-293, September/October 2023.

Chemotherapy and Biotherapy-Induced Hypersensitivity Reactions

Van Gerpen, Ruth

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 32(3):157-165, May-June 2009.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy: A Review of Diagnoses and Treatment Considerations

Cook, Lynda S.

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 33(2):81-88, March-April 2010.

Benefits of Establishing an Intravenous Team and the Standardization of Peripheral Intravenous Catheters

da Silva, Gislene Aparecida; Priebe, Sheila; Dias, Fábio Nunes

Journal of Infusion Nursing. 33(3):156-160, May-June 2010.