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July/September 2016 - Volume 33 - Issue 3
pp: 133-192,E31-E45

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From Checklist to Awareness: Hearing God's Call to Missions

Snead, Victoria; Moss, Julie A.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):159-161, July/September 2016.

“You go with the intentions of healing and helping others and...your own life and understanding of God grows.”

Tears for the City: The Biblical Basis for Population-Focused Nursing

Dunlap, Ruby

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):167-171, July/September 2016.

The core functions of public health, along with biblical resources, helps Christian nurses develop deeper compassion for a population.

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Surviving (Even Thriving?) in a Toxic Workplace

White, Paul E.; Schoonover-Shoffner, Kathy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):142-149, July/September 2016.

A toxic workplace has unhealthy characteristics in three primary areas: sick systems, toxic leaders, and dysfunctional colleagues. Discover practical steps on how to survive, if not thrive, and impact all three areas.


What Is the Essence of Spiritual Care? A Danish Hospice Perspective

Steenfeldt, Vibeke Ostergaard

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):150-155, July/September 2016.

This study explored patient, relatives, and healthcare professionals' experience of life and caring practice in hospice settings. A deeper understanding of spiritual care emerged.


Discovering Healthcare Missions: Nurse on a Mission: A Journey Toward Spiritual Caring

Leonard, Diane Beth

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):156-159, July/September 2016.

“Learning ways to spiritually connect with clients transformed my definition of nursing care and my understanding of what gifts I could offer in service.”


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A Compassionate Visitation Program for Church Homebound Elders

Emblen, Julia Quiring

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):172-178, July/September 2016.

Older seniors are vulnerable to isolation and poor quality of life. Learn how to develop a volunteer compassionate visitation program to make a difference.


Daily Spiritual Experiences of Nurse Educators and Relationship to Depression and Health

Johnson, Paige Turner; Cheshire, Michelle; Wood, Felecia G.; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):179-183, July/September 2016.

These nurses relay the first reported assessment of the relationship between daily spiritual experiences, health, and depression in nurse educators.

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Strategies for Improving Nursing Students' Mental Health Clinical Rotation

Kroning, Maureen

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):E31-E37, July/September 2016.

Raising up a generation of nurses who want to work with the mentally ill is a challenge for nurse educators.

Reciprocal Service-Learning Benefits Students, Educators, and the University

Forehand, Jeffery W.; Vardaman, Shellye A.; Outlaw, Kerri L.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 33(3):E38-E41, July/September 2016.

A different kind of service-learning project was developed in a nursing school—reaching out to another university department.