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July/September 2015 - Volume 32 - Issue 3
pp: 138-194,E23-E31

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What Guides Your Nursing Practice?

Hountras, Stacy C.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):179-181, July/September 2015.

Nurses' beliefs about nursing and people guide their work, especially in difficult situations. Articulating your beliefs will help you think more clearly about how you want to practice.

CE Connection

Older African Americans' Beliefs about Pain, Biomedicine, and Spiritual Medicine

Booker, Staja Q.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):148-155, July/September 2015.

Persistent pain affects 100 million Americans, but is especially problematic for older African Americans due to disparities in pain management and health outcomes. How can nurses help?


Defining Hope Among HIV-Positive African American Females

Kennedy, Toshua W.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):156-161, July/September 2015.

HIV affects heterosexual African American females with morbidity and mortality rates higher than females of any other race. Understanding how to promote hope in this population is an important nursing task.


Service-Learning and Interprofessional Education in Nursing: A Critical Need

Furr, Susan B.; Lane, Susan H.; Serafica, Reimund C.; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):162-167, July/September 2015.

Service-learning and interprofessional education can impact student learning, attitudes, and transcultural knowledge. What are best practices for implementing these into nursing curricula?

parish nursing/research: CE Connection

Using the Internet to Increase Physical Activity in a Faith Community

Washington, Enrika; Weed, Latricia Diane; Vardaman, Shellye A.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):168-173, July/September 2015.

The Internet offers a simple, no cost way to deliver health information. Discover how an Internet intervention to increase physical activity was implemented in one church—and what happened.

parish nursing

Practical Health Promotion: Weekly Health Tips for the Faith Community

Elwell, Joy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):174-178, July/September 2015.

A veteran parish nurse shares how to increase health knowledge through weekly Parish Health Tips. Includes 52 PHTs!

online only

Will the Real Nurse Please Stand Up? Improving Nursing's Image Through Faith-Learning Integration

Hargate, Carol

Journal of Christian Nursing. 32(3):E27-E31, July/September 2015.

Embracing nursing's rich, Christian roots and seeing nurses today as equal partners in practice, education, and policy-making, will help future nurses influence nursing's image.