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October-December 2011 - Volume 28 - Issue 4
pp: 187-244

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Faith in Action: Serving Single Moms

Briggs, Crista L.; Lovan, Sherry; Cornell, Audrey

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):223-225, October-December 2011.

What do single mothers, oil changes, and health promotion have in common? See how these nurses made the connection.

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Spiritual Care: Evangelism at the Bedside?

Taylor, Elizabeth Johnston

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):194-202, October-December 2011.

Recent news stories about Christian nurses sharing beliefs with patients raise questions about ethical spiritual care and sharing one's faith at the bedside. Explore the ethics of faith sharing and find guidance for meaningful spiritual care.

research/parish nursing

Spread the Word, Not the Germs: A Toolkit for Faith Communities

Reilly, Janet Resop; Hovarter, Rebecca; Mrochek, Tracy; More

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):205-211, October-December 2011.

How can churches help prevent the spread of infection? Discover and download the Infection Control and Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for the Faith Community.


Service-Learning: Education With a Missions Focus

Wright, Dolores J.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):212-217, October-December 2011.

Nursing students want to be involved in missions to serve, study abroad, and develop cultural competence–and educators want to teach them! Service-learning partnerships can meet educational needs and more.


From Burden to Spiritual Growth: Korean Students' Experience in a Spiritual Care Practicum

So, Woi Sook; Shin, Hye Sook

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(4):228-234, October-December 2011.

Little is known about how students learn spiritual caregiving and few schools offer spiritual care courses or a practicum. The moving experience of Korean nursing students offers insight for teaching spiritual care.