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July-September 2011 - Volume 28 - Issue 3
pp: 123-180

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Pulse Beats

Are Parish Nurses Prepared to Incorporate the Spiritual Dimension Into Practice?

Newbanks, Shirlene; Rieg, Linda S.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):146-151, July-September 2011.

These researchers asked if parish nurse (PN) basic preparation courses prepare PNs to offer spiritual care. Participants said yes and no, offering suggestions for improving basic prep courses.

Challenges and Trends in Global Healthcare Missions

Tazelaar, Grace

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):152-157, July-September 2011.

The world is changing with astonishing speed. How is this impacting healthcare missions and the vision to bring health and healing among all peoples of the world?

What Is a Christian Faith-Based Recovery Program?

Timmons, Shirley M.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):158-161, July-September 2011.

Substance abuse is a critical problem that many believe faith-based recovery programs (FBRPs) can impact. But FBRPs using explicit religious content are not well documented in substance abuse literature.

African American Women and Smoking: Spiritual Well-Being Makes A Difference

Franklin, Wanda J.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):162-167, July-September 2011.

Spiritual well-being may provide a protective property against stress and the desire to smoke in African American women—and should impact nursing care in this population.

Back to School: What I Learned Teaching Cross-Culturally

Secor, Christy

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):168-172, July-September 2011.

Learn practical insights and important revelations about teaching cross-culturally from an educator who went to the Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti.

CE Connection

Living Out Reflective Practice

Kumar, Kamalini

Journal of Christian Nursing. 28(3):139-143, July-September 2011.

What is "reflective practice?" Find ways to transform care and your professional, personal, and spiritual life through reflection and Christian biblical meditation.