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July-September 2010 - Volume 27 - Issue 3
pp: 225-276

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Spiritually Journeying Through Illness: Default or Devoted God?

Wilder, Mary

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):249-251, July-September 2010.

This nurse companioned a friend on her spiritual journey through renal carcinoma using Ignatian Contemplation, helping her find the real God.

CE Connection

Eating Disorders Today —Not Just a Girl Thing

Hepworth, Kimberly

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):236-241, July-September 2010.

Eating disorders are increasingly common in both sexes and all age groups, and new disorders have been identified. Increase your knowledge to assist those who need help.

Guys with Eating Disorders: How to Help

Lample, Samuel S.; Gillum, Jan

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):244-246, July-September 2010.

Males with eating disorders are less likely to recognize problems or seek help. Learn clinical sequelae, symptoms, and effective intervention for males.


Promoting Nursing Careers Using a Storybook for Children

Thomas, Cynthia M.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):258-261, July-September 2010.

A nursing promotion program with elementary age children using Jill Learns About Nurses Around the Town can be an effective way for nurses to recruit for the future!Supplemental digital content is available online.


The Perils and Promise of Short-Term Healthcare Missions

Seager, Gregory; Seager, Candi; Tazelaar, Grace

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):262-266, July-September 2010.

Is dispensing thousands of dollars of pharmaceuticals in a community with limited literacy and health knowledge a safe practice? How can we improve safety and contribute to community health?


Encouraging Academic Honesty: A Nursing Imperative

Johanson, Linda S.

Journal of Christian Nursing. 27(3):267-271, July-September 2010.

The integrity of the profession may be jeopardized as students who cheat graduate and enter nursing. Educators, students, school administration, and practicing nurses can discourage cheating and promote honesty.